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A-dec Priority Radius Operatory Technolog

From the beginning, A-dec founders Ken and Joan Austin set out to make a real difference in the lives of dental professionals around the world. See how their “quality through caring” philosophy serves as a cornerstone in A-dec’s pursuit to make the best better.

After tooth or teeth preparations, a silicone impression is made in order do prepare the gypsum model. This model is scanned by the special scanner, then we design new future tooth on the computer, and the milling machine creates the tooth in 10 minutes! Simple and fast ! The whole process takes 30-45 minutes. CEREC technology helps to save time for both dentist and the patient, since normally these restorations need 7-10 working days to be completed by a dental lab!

The aesthetic tooth restoration is not only essential for good health. The beautiful appearance is the key to confidence and good mood! Our clinic gives you the ability fast and without pain to get the perfect smile that you have always wanted, using the best materials. Follow the example of our hundreds of patients.
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